Saturday on Saturday

Nicknames are given to you by friends, family, and foe, for myriad reasons.  Some are based on character references while others have a personal significance to the givers of said nicknames.  Some are meant as a sarcastic satirical view of the aptly named subject while some are logical and to-the-point.   My nickname, picked by my father, is Shanbeh.  It literally means “Saturday”. I was born … Continue reading Saturday on Saturday

Courage, Fear, and the Human condition

***Edit*** This has nothing to do with Motorcycling, but I feel strongly that it should be up here Let’s just start this off by my admittance of ignorance on the aforementioned subject line. Any lessons in life have typically been handed to me by some sort of progress which are oftentimes misdirected by blind ambition and sheer bullheadedness. I am a product of “progress not … Continue reading Courage, Fear, and the Human condition