Biker Wave

How do you explain the inexplicable to people who want so badly to understand but lack the simple rite of passage to listen out of fear of learning something that may take them beyond the boundaries of their self afflicted box? Do you put on blinders like a horse set on his destination of forward motion, led by a horseman with a gentle whip, galloping along without need to see, or know, who sees what on the sidelines or do you open your eyes and mind and mouth and try, as a calm kindergarten teacher might to tell her children that drawing outside the lines is not a broken law and don’t fear the pencil and paper and draw, my child, draw the world as you see it; with pink clouds and turquoise skies and blue grass and sheep that are colored like the rainbow and you will not feel the hatred of the world for seeing things with an open mind. That black is beautiful and white is peaceful and brown can make you feel warm and red will bring you passion and yellow will help you see the way. That one day you’ll wake up, a man, and hop on your two wheeled machine and feel, for once, what the wind really is trying to tell you as it passes your ears and you smile because you understand humility and mortality and camaraderie as you wave at another fellow and not care about his beliefs and systems and thoughts because for one split second all you two know is that there is something holding you as friends, for one heartbeat, and you wave at one another, left hands outstretched as if to touch one another in this blistering speed.  You know in your heart of hearts that you felt a spark of electricity flow through the air and connect the pair of you and it’s gone from the air as you boom past one another, hearts beating as the motorcycle pulls you to a destination of fun and facts and opinions and love and laughter. And it doesn’t matter that your body hurts from the long haul because your heart feels refreshed enough to turn on the TV and see and hear and deal with the hate and misunderstandings and the pleading look on your favorite news anchor’s eyes, wishing she could choke the idiots who still think that debating about human health and well being is acceptable while your heart beats for the day that we’ll all get along and you won’t have to explain to the blind stares of a million pairs of eyes why you think color and creed and belief aren’t ways to dictate who’s just and who’s not.   

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